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Franciscan Sanctuaries

Itineraries and Excursions

The Via Francigena of St. Francis

The Via Francigena is part of a 1800 km European walk, which is divided into 79 stages. It starts from Canterbury, passes through France and Switzerland, and then enters Italy. It crosses the Valle Santa Rieti in the last part of the route from Assisi to the tomb of St Peter in Rome.

La Locanda del Frullo is located along the route of the Via Francigena of Saint Francis, from Rome to Rieti, near the bridge over the Fosso della Mola, just outside the town of Poggio Moiano.

The Saint Francis Walk
The Saint Francis Walk winds along 80 km in the Sacred Valley. It is divided into 8 stages. It goes through the four Franciscan Sanctuaries- places and landscapes that recall moments of the life of St Francis.

The Saint Francis Sanctuaries:

In these small hermitages, where St Francis lived and prayed, the Franciscan message is still palpable. There are historical, valuable cultural, and religious monuments giving a profound suggestion of an existing link between the history not only of the Saint but also of the entire Christian religion.

This shrine is famous around the world for the creation of the crib. It is the sanctuary with the convent where, on Christmas Eve of 1223  St. Francis recalled the mystery of the Nativity, beginning the universal tradition of the crib.
Poggio Bustone
The convent of Poggio Bustone has a panoramic position. This shrine was visited several times by St Francis. The church of San Giacomo dates back to 14th century with a cloister with some paintings and a cave that can be reached via a staircase.
Fonte Colombo
It was in this shrine that St. Francis dictated the Rules of the Order in 1223, after a 40- day fast.
La Foresta
Nestled in the woods, the La Foresta sanctuary is a complex of buildings that includes the convent, a small cloister and the church adorned with frescoes. The sanctuary was home to St. Francis in 1225, in anticipation of the operation of the eyes where the miracle of the grape was performed and perhaps it was here that he composed the "Canticle of the Creatures."


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