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Monteleone Sabino

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You can visit the parish church of Santa Vittoria, located on an artificial hill in Monteleone Sabino. The church dates back to the 11th century when it was built on the Orsini family’s behest. Two decorative lions were engraved on the main entrance gate.

The well preserved Roman Amphi theatre,  constructed in “opera mista”, is also a site of great interest because of its elliptical shape. A tunnel in "opus reticulatum" decorated with limestone shelves was found during the excavations.

Do not miss a visit to the Trebula Mutuesca Archaeological Museum which is located in the Town Hall. It contains many artifacts from the ancient archaeological site such as funerary and everyday objects.

Archaeological remains of the Sabino- Roman city can be found in the surrounding area which is only 15 min (12 km) drive away from the Locanda Frullo.


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