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Natural Reserve Monte Navegna and Monte Cervia is in a secluded corner of Lazio, where the main attractions are represented by the lakes Salto and Turano. The paths that run through often give expansive views that create the atmosphere that one can feel in a more popular and higher mountain.
The Reserve is 25 km away from Locanda del Frullo and can be reached by car in 40 minutes.

Parco dei Monti Lucretili
The 53 long trails in the Park run for a length of over 230 km. There are signs of arrows at the intersections of the paths which indicate the closeby locations or those farther to reach with the relevant travel times. There are organised buses to help the travellers on foot to reach the park more easily. A new hiking map was created recently to show the number of paths with all the useful information for visitors.
The park is 25 km away from Locanda del Frullo and can be reached by car in 35 minutes.

Mount Terminillo is a mountain range. Its highest peak reaches 2217 m above the sea level. It belongs to the group of Monti Reatini Abruzzese Apennines. With its forests of maples, oaks and beech trees covering more than 50% of the territory, it is one of the most pristine mountains of Europe. The massif is one of the oldest high altitude tourist resorts in Italy and is home to two ski resorts. The one on the southern slope is more famous and popular. It takes its name directly from the Terminillo massif and in located in Campoforogna (1640 m). The other one is on the northern opposite side (Leonessa Campo - Star). The two ski resorts are not geographically connected.
The ski resort of Terminillo is 60 km away from Locanda del Frullo and can be reached by car in 1 hour and 15 minutes.


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