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The Farfa river originates from the municipality of Frasso Sabino and is one of the most important tributaries of the Tiber River in the Rieti area. The Farfa bathes the county of Monteleone Sabino, Frasso Sabino, Casaprota Poggio Nativo, Mompeo, Castelnuovo, Fara in Sabina Montopoli where it has been excavating a natural bridge for centuries. The bridge is now destroyed  but  has been called Ponte Sfondato,  for a long time.
The Nature Reserve of Nazzano, Tevere- Farfa was established at the confluence of  The Farfa with the Tiber river in 1979.

The Turano river - the ancient Telonio River, originates from the mountains of Tarino, upstream of Carsoli. It runs along the valley surrounding the town of Rocca Sinibalda,   then passes in the gorges of Paganinco and Ascrea. It gives rise to the lake of the same name and continues its journey until, after about 90 kilometres it reaches the right bank of the Velino river, which flows into the gates of Rieti; together they continue their run and flow into the Black leap away from the spectacular waterfall Marmore (165 m high) and form three subsequent cascades, the first of which is 120 meters high. The waterfall is 52 km away from Locanda del Frullo and can be reached by car in 50 minutes.


Lake Turan stretches at the foot of Mount Navegna (1506 m), a nature reserve covered with forests. Its main characteristics include ancient towns and castles which are reflected in the clear waters of the lake.
The town of Colle di Tora and the Castel di Tora are facing each other half way through the lake; the first one is on the peninsula and the second one- on the rocky hilltop. Here one can enjoy some of the most beautiful views in the Lazio region. The other two villages that are situated at the lake are Ascrea and Paganico Sabino. The lake is 20 km away from Locanda del Frullo and can be reached by car in 30 minutes.

Lake Salto is very elongated and looks like a huge river or fjord, and has a very jagged coastline. It faithfully follows the narrow shape of the valley of Salto and is comprised primarily of the municipality of Petrella Salto. Part of its waters also fall within the boundaries of the municipalities of Pescorocchiano, Fiamignano, Varco Sabino and Marcetelli.
The lake is 55 km from Locanda del Frullo and can be reached by car in 1 hour.

The Natural Reserve of Lakes Lungo and Ripasottile is a protected area, located in the Rieti plain, which includes the two small lakes of which the reserve is named after.
The two lakes are surrounded by reeds and hygrophilous forest areas that are home to numerous species of birds. There are ideal places for bird watching, where screened observation points allow sighting and photographic services without causing disturbance to birdlife. You can see night herons, ferruginous and white herons.
The Reserve is 30 km away from Locanda del Frullo and can be reached by car in 35 minutes.

Lake Paterno is the pearl of the area; it is a small body of water nestled in the green. History and nature are inextricably linked here. It is framed by the village of Paterno, which gives its name to the lake, the Roman era baths and the remains of the villa where the Roman Emperor Vespasian came to spend the hot summer months. All is in an equilibrium of enchanting beauty.
It is worth visiting Lake Paterno as it is famous for being the place where some of the most important pages of Italian history were written, from ancient Umbrian and Sabina civilisations to the historic ride of Hannibal and the emperors of the Flavian dynasty. Paterno is 42 kilometres away and can be reached by car in 45 minutes.

Piediluco is a picturesque town in the province of Terni, whose name means "at the foot of the sacred wood." It still retains its Medieval looks, with its low houses with coloured fa├žadess. It is actually dislocated in the narrow strip of land that lies between the lake and the mountain.
Lake Piediluco which takes its name from the town is so irregular that it looks like an alpine lake. It is very charming, surrounded by wooded hills, among which Mount Caperno also called the Echo Mountain, famous for its large cone-shaped form. This mountain owes its name to the fact that it is possible to hear a clear echo return thanks to its particular morphology under favourable conditions. It is 53 km away and can be reached by car in 1 hour.

Terme Cotilia
The Baths of Cotilia are located in Velino, the municipality of Castel Sant'Angelo Valley, about 15 km from Rieti. The area surrounding the Thermal Complex is characterized by an enormous abundance of thermal waters that flow from three sources: Vecchi Bagni, Nuovi Bagni e Fonte del Chiosco which, due to their great capacity, form three lakes. The first, which is the largest, appears calm and relaxed, while the other two offer enchanting views of the continuous swirling motion of their waters. The hot springs are 40 km away  from Locanda del Frullo and can be reached by car in 40 minutes.


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